Tuesday, August 21, 2012

16) Olympic Athletes

    Ah, the ever exciting and captivating Olympic Games. I sat and watched a multitude of the events on my nights following work and noticed an interesting and to me obvious and aggravating fact. A ton of United States citizens are competing for other countries! Does anyone find this in the very least a little bit insulting? I know I am harsh and at times coarse and downright disagreeably nasty but how can I be okay with someone who wants to live here and take advantage of the countless benefits offered by an American citizenship and yet decides they would rather represent another country with "pride" in a worldwide competition? Absurd!!! I am completely understanding of carrying pride in your national heritage but if it is so wondrous where you hail from that you feel the need to turn your back on the country you chose to reside in and call yourself a part of then why not move to that other place and stay there? I do not see myself saying, "I love living here in the US; making money here, raising a family here, traveling around here, adding to the deficit here, producing monumental piles of trash here, utilizing medical and dental care here, paying taxes here, voting here and being buried here but for 17 days I plan on playing for Mexico in competitive events that represent part of the very nature and essence of what it has meant to be an American citizen. Oh well, perhaps I do. I'm outta here and moving back to that dump!"