Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8) Potential

    I understand the relativity of the term, the subjective definition being one's own and only that. Everyone varies in their ability to achieve and accel and progress into greatness. Each understanding and definition of greatness is unique to the particular individual doing the defining. But more importantly, when does one decide or have for them decided that now is the time to do "it"? To stride forward and upward to reside where you, by intelligence, determination and acceptance belong. And do so happily nonetheless.

     Do your parents or family decide for you as when you are young? Or do you struggle for a decade and then stand up and revolt against the inactivity and stagnation? Does it even matter? And where is your sanctity? Where is your blissful retreat? Is it inclusive of another? That perfect partner? An animal? A homestead? The dream occupation? Or is this all in your head? Is your willpower and mental assertation enough to conquer your failure to fulfill your destiny?

      Part of me is certain that the mind carries along with it the power to overcome all forces. To warp and alter any scenario to make sense. To be acceptable. To be loved. To hate. To get up and fight. Or to watch idly by.

     I believe firmly you will do when doing is needed and that you will mayhaps do or do not and that neither in actuality matter. I also believe the greatest time for action is now. Why wait? The value of the moment is monumental.

     Hypocritical? Perhaps. Yet both are realistic realities and cannot and should not be ignored as possible futuristic outcomes.

Monday, June 25, 2012

7) Lonesome George

     I am saddened by the loss of this creature. He exemplified for me an innocence and understanding nearly forgotten by man's increasingly blind progression. Stop and realize those minute details that when combined create this complicated and enormous universe around us. Tis a marvel how large we at times consider ourselves and yet how small we in actuality are. Man is certainly unique in their embodiment of that potential. To be completely bi-polar and unknowingly so. To nurture. To destroy. Humble. Arrogant.

     I read and watched so much about George throughout my entire life. He was beautifully simplistic. He only lived in the moment as was his design. He was the last known Pinta Island Giant Tortoise for at least 36 years. I have sat quietly and pondered this reality. What exactly would that be like? Not just living alone or being alone but understanding you are the only one left? You are the last. That to me is a remarkable notion to contemplate upon even if briefly. Thanks for the reflection Jorge. 6-24-2012

Wiki George

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6) Laptop?

     What is the preoccupation with referring to a laptop computer as a laptop? I never put mine on my lap, it'll overheat or radiate my legs though I suppose if I have any tumors there it could save my life. I do however put many things upon my lap and yet they are not attributed as laptop anything. What about the pants on my lap? My dinner plate? The PS3 remote? My girlfriend? A blanket? A book? Spilled soda? A kayak? Cabbage? Crash Bandicoot?

     I'm referring to everything that touches my lap from now on as a laptop and a laptop computer as a mobile digital computation writing and useless media processing device.

     There conformity!!!

     Show off that black eye. Do it proud though, oh indignant you.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

5) The Pit

     What is the correct choice?

     Many a time we cannot foresee the results of our actions and yet we step forward blindly hoping to step over and not into the pit before us. Throughout our lives the quintessential crossroads ever arise taking the shape and size correspondent to the severity or particular importance of the situation. Always a pit, always a choice. Nobody desires to tumble into and fall into the void before them and yet sometimes it appears unavoidable and other times it can even be the more appropriate decision. The repetition of arrival before it could therefore conclude that the pit offers some appeal. Why is that? What is the preoccupation with constantly tempting the fall? Which is more fruitful? Acknowledgement that you are easily seduced by the drugging lure of the outstretched arm of the void? Or that you are completely ignorant to any such thing and fall in completely unbeknownst?    

     To step around or to step in.

     There is a hard to uncover understanding that the foreseen pit can in actuality become a sanctifying net. Though still tantalizing and intoxicating the outstretched arm can be unveiled as nurturing and kind. It need not be the original ghastly lure but may unfold as wondrous and wispy, ethereal and graceful by just giving it an unbiased viewing

     Clarity is crucial.

     Perception is paramount.

     Decisions are never final though that of course depends upon the depth of the pit. The pit represents your crossroad or quandary and what at first may appear as where not to venture can with time and thought be the only logical conclusion. This still makes the pit a roller coaster. A gamble. But don’t those gambles sometimes reap the most profound fruits? I can with the utmost sincerity declare..........yes.