Monday, July 30, 2012

15) Your Own Worst Enemy

     Have you ever heard or had voiced towards you the idiom, "You are your own worst enemy?" At a much younger age I scoffed and disregarded such presumed nonsense yet being older I now ascertain that perhaps there is in actuality something there.

     Every individual truly is themselves the only enemy they shall ever experience throughout life. If someone else is what you would consider an enemy then it is simply you who are allowing them to become such. Either physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise, you alone are allowing them to enact their negative will and influence upon you. They do not pierce and defeat you. You defeat yourself by allowing them in.

     It is easy to become overpowered and unknowingly act or react in these situations. How many times have you said, "Why did I say that?" or, "Why did I do that?" or, "I knew better than that!" These acknowledgements are all too common and are perfect examples of battling oneself.

     These occurrences are some of the most painful to address also. It is incredibly difficult to admit self-erroneous ways and to understand that you could have and should have come to a more appropriate conclusion. Two ways to increase your percentage of success are;

1) Slow down and think before you speak or act. Your brain is quick. Make sure you are keeping up and doing so logically.

2) Control your emotions. Most of them shall only work against any worthwhile deductions. Whether it be anger, happiness, fear, sorrow, love, hate, jealousy or any of the others, make sure you remain level when formulating your conclusions. Do so especially while speaking. Words spoken are never able to be rescinded.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

14) Crazy Things Oregonians Do

1) Compost their entire front yard
2) Pay double for anything that includes the words "eco" or "organic"
3) Planking
4) Put a bird on something and call it art
5) Tattoo their states name on themselves
6) Two words, gluten free
7) Leave moss growing on their roof because it is a living thing
8) Support Obama
9) Big guys and toe shoes
10) Wear bike helmets into stores
11) Socks tucked into pant legs
12) VW bugs are in and way overpriced


Add your own in comments!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

13) The Wall Of Will

     How easily are you able to mentally block out negative external interruption?

     All of it. All reasoning and understanding. All truth, the obvious and that less so. All emotion. How strong is your will? Your mind? Your mind is the most powerful and formidable force in the universe. It is capable of any single thing. The mind through willful determination can alter anything so that it appears as you desire or need.

     Some struggle with their great understanding and execution of this power. They fight it for the ease by which they can negate anything with just a thought. It is a power struggle and it need be always in check though it must remain active or you risk being completely overwhelmed by internal emotion and turmoil that can be your very existence. Perhaps a darkness is held at bay. 

     The universe is mental. Think the movie 'The Matrix' as an example. "What is real?" If your mind deems it so, it is so. No matter what anyone else says. If you desire a great day, make it so.

     Try this::::    When having a bad day or finding yourself dwelling within negative emotion consider yourself as having a dial upon your back. Turn this dial in the opposing direction. The desired direction. Turn the hate to love. The anger to joy. The sadness to smiles. Will it through your mind as working and it shall.

12) U.S. Debt

     The United States and it's debt somewhat perplexes me. Here are some things to ponder.

     If the U.S. dollar is low and it's people struggling, print more. That will lower the value? Who would know anyhow?

     Well then take a bunch back? Then theoretically the dollar would rise. Then there will not be enough to go around? Okay, anti-liberally speaking then maybe people will fight for the right to possess what they possess. Value their values. Consider not everyone equal but consider everyone equally able to obtain that which they desire due to hard work and perseverance.

     Regardless it is a primarily paper driven monetary system and lets think about that for a minute. Paper!!!!! Why not absolve the use of money and have everyone have what they want all around? A barter system. Too liberal?  Too basic and practical?

     I feel that if we think of the U.S. economy as a household budget it would work better. Lets cut what does not primarily matter and whittle down our debt. Yes there are disputes about what is pertinent and that which is not but why not vote on government expenditure. QUIT GROWING THE DEBT AND BORROWING!! These countries from which we borrow can set themselves up to nearly own America if things do not change.

     What do you think?

Friday, July 13, 2012

11) Lover's Blindness

     I see that you sit there and silently stare at her as she looks out with her fierce gaze across the Pacific. You cannot define it, it baffles you. There you are watching her body's graceful movements, acknowledging  how everything else contorts around and is dwarfed by it. She controls the very elements just as she does you. The sea breezes dance through her hair. The sun beams forth strong and highlights her picturesque features. The ocean's waves playfully scamper at her feet. You watch her lips as she takes each breath and you gladly return her smile as you make her feel more alive. Simple and yet precise are her mannerisms. Quiet and strong is her will and mind.

     What is it that can take you completely out of the comprised elements of your existence and leave you staggered?

     What is the definition of the power that can so easily supersede and completely negate the all powerful mind and will?

     There is an overpowering captivation and you cannot pull away. You are intoxicated and love it for it brightens and bestows upon you a sense of accomplishment. You have what you needed. You have what you need. You have what you always shall need.

     You crave it.

     You are becoming one with it.

     You feel a rising compulsion to repeatedly ask, "How are you?" or, "Are you okay?," or, "Can I help?" Instantly however you feel foolish and overbearing for ever voicing such nonsense. Relax and enjoy the positivity of the moment. She and you are certainly worth it. Desiring to be caring and nurturing remains far more pertinent than a few nonsensical and prying questions yet I plead you not to feed this dreaded and worrisome anxiety.

     Do you sense the foreboding? Are your veins woven with certain undesirable inadequacy fibers? Are you enough? Can you function without asking the aforementioned questions to her?

     Is it insecurity?

     You mayhaps try to otherwise explain but the knifing conclusion remains that you are afraid and it is only because of you that you run. Regardless, you ardently try and you would do anything in your power for her. You ask for nothing in return other than to be understood and appreciated as your true self. Not the one that people see or think they see.

    My friend,

               I find what you have stated to me here as completely within reason and a perfectly acceptable demand from this life. Oh but how quickly we tend to judge and do so inaccurately. You do it. I do it. It is unavoidable. At the very least shed the ignorance and understand and accept it as a part of our flawed humanity. Do not deny!

     Everyone exhibits their unique vibration, their own method and execution of existence and like hers, you say. You scream it to me.

     Well then, my suggestion is to smile at the very thought of her and way in which she is. Not at her flawless perfection but instead at her perfect flaws that make her perfection flawless. Love is blind but no more so than any number of things exhibited each and every day.

     "I passionately smile and love her not for her flawless perfection but for her perfect flaws that make her perfection flawless." - Jon-Michael Crochetiere July 12, 2012

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10) Songs Of Life

      Driving down the highway a certain song comes on. Most tunes are drowned out and ignored but now rushing back comes a particular thought that I had until that very moment not been able or allowing recall. It is overwhelming. It is neither happy nor sad. It simply is and I thank the privilege to revel within it.

     Simply amazing is the attribution of songs to memories of past persons or events. It is nearly unbelievable how the lyrics and melodies can coalesce and ignite the mental library and so vividly re-create the past comings and goings on. The most striking conclusion thus gathered is that some of the past events seem only reawakened by that particular song and little or nothing else. Some recollections recur again and again from the same song and only that song. The same visions. The same sounds. Smells. Tastes. Every single time the song plays, a mental movie begins, a trance-like state ensues and little else is acknowledged. It is as though the two have become intertwined. Now synonymous. Now symbiotic. How is it that one can completely forget something only to have it return at the cue of certain sounds? What do you think?


Friday, July 6, 2012

9) The Empire of the United States of America

     I find exhaustion with the incessant tabloid and media exclamations such as, "This country is threatening to launch a missile at the United States," or, "This country is upset and wants nothing to do with the United States." Who isn't upset with America? Who isn't saying they are going to send a rocket our way?  Well I suppose Canada but then again I am not entirely certain that the Canadians have found a functional warhead on Ebay yet.

     In all seriousness though I tire of repeated American involvement in civil quarrels half a world away and people making money stating such blatantly obvious outbursts as, "North Korea is pissed off," or, "Iran is building a nuclear weapon." What can be properly discerned is that the truth is never stated by the left and that is that we are in a full blown war and have been perpetually since before we were even pronounced a nation.

     We are a warrior civilization. We always have been. Wake up!

     One of these days somebody is going to grow the stones, ignore all rationale, say the hell with it and push the flashing red launch button. The jocularity I find here is knowing that even then I doubt we would return the favor. Not at this time anyhow. We would just watch them rain down and wonder what went wrong at our last diplomatic conference.

A great book showcasing a piece of America's untold birth