Tuesday, January 22, 2013

18) Up or Down?

     I have done something this morning that I cannot recall ever having happened before. I have awoken, stepped out of bed, and found myself standing upon the ceiling. Going into the restroom I begin the otherwise normalcy of my morning, utilizing toiletries and such and then turn on the water faucet. The tap flows forth and the liquid ascends into the now inverted basin. Strange. I would have thought it would continue down onto the now floor and previous ceiling. Perhaps not all that was up is now down and so on. It is becoming apparent all that has changed is my alignment within my existence. I turn off the valve and watch as the water climbs to a halt and then just continues its path as always down the drain and out of sight and therefore out of recognition altogether. In the mirror is me, as is expected. No difference besides some uncommonly dark circles under my eyes and crimson veins cascading down and over my cheeks to fine points. I am exhausted. I wrinkle my nose and sniffle bringing discomfort. I use a finger and out comes forth some bloody and strangely pungent discharge. Wiped upon a tissue and thrown up into the trash it is quickly and thankfully forgotten. I begin to dress which is most intriguing for each drawer I open launches my clothes upon the ceiling. The next few items I nab before they can do the same and I put them on. As I am doing so shadows motion by within my peripheral, teasing me to reaction. I humor not their flirtation and they quickly bore. I smile and head downstairs. I open the front door, step outside, and am back upon the ground once again. I am assaulted by the silence. By the extreme cold. By the intense negative energy. I do not enjoy this whatsoever. I am going back inside. This is not for me. I shut the door and immediately I am upon the ceiling once again. I turn and head back upstairs.