Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10) Songs Of Life

      Driving down the highway a certain song comes on. Most tunes are drowned out and ignored but now rushing back comes a particular thought that I had until that very moment not been able or allowing recall. It is overwhelming. It is neither happy nor sad. It simply is and I thank the privilege to revel within it.

     Simply amazing is the attribution of songs to memories of past persons or events. It is nearly unbelievable how the lyrics and melodies can coalesce and ignite the mental library and so vividly re-create the past comings and goings on. The most striking conclusion thus gathered is that some of the past events seem only reawakened by that particular song and little or nothing else. Some recollections recur again and again from the same song and only that song. The same visions. The same sounds. Smells. Tastes. Every single time the song plays, a mental movie begins, a trance-like state ensues and little else is acknowledged. It is as though the two have become intertwined. Now synonymous. Now symbiotic. How is it that one can completely forget something only to have it return at the cue of certain sounds? What do you think?



Hermann said...

Poignant also is that certain moods or events can envoke memory of certain songs.

Anonymous said...

Made me think of how good we have it in life. Use your mind and travel.