Friday, July 6, 2012

9) The Empire of the United States of America

     I find exhaustion with the incessant tabloid and media exclamations such as, "This country is threatening to launch a missile at the United States," or, "This country is upset and wants nothing to do with the United States." Who isn't upset with America? Who isn't saying they are going to send a rocket our way?  Well I suppose Canada but then again I am not entirely certain that the Canadians have found a functional warhead on Ebay yet.

     In all seriousness though I tire of repeated American involvement in civil quarrels half a world away and people making money stating such blatantly obvious outbursts as, "North Korea is pissed off," or, "Iran is building a nuclear weapon." What can be properly discerned is that the truth is never stated by the left and that is that we are in a full blown war and have been perpetually since before we were even pronounced a nation.

     We are a warrior civilization. We always have been. Wake up!

     One of these days somebody is going to grow the stones, ignore all rationale, say the hell with it and push the flashing red launch button. The jocularity I find here is knowing that even then I doubt we would return the favor. Not at this time anyhow. We would just watch them rain down and wonder what went wrong at our last diplomatic conference.

A great book showcasing a piece of America's untold birth

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Don Rosburg said...

Very true. Succinctly put.