Monday, October 29, 2012

17) Answering the unanswerable

     I mentally revel today within a concluded discernation (and loathe that that word is spell checked) of certain occurrences within my existence that vary dramatically from day to day. What causes that? What creates the variation? I am so perplexed at times from finding something so unbelievably abhorrent that I curse it incessantly one day and the next I cry and miss it or philosophically rebuke it. So incredibly frustrating! There are at times internal struggles that need not be entertained whatsoever and at other times such battles within need be fought and done so intensely, passionately and powerfully.

     I do so enjoy the thought of future responses herein. Hint........

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charitableone said...

Everything you are experiencing in manifested physical form, your results, are a product of your habitual way of thinking. If you are experiencing polarized days, then it is a sign you also have polarized ways of thinking. If this displeases you, and you desire to amend it, learn the power of perception. Nothing is good nor bad, it is only our thinking that makes it appear to be. You can alter your perception of things and see only the good if you choose. Since everything has an equal and opposite, know the good is there even if initially you are judging it as bad. If it is a little bad, it is also only a little good. But if it is very bad, it is also very good. Equal and opposite. Bless your contrasting experiences. They help to bring to your attention what you really DO want. Be aware that every time you "battle" struggles you are asking the law of attraction, "more of this please!". By thinking of what you dislike you are only adding more energy to it, and powerfully drawing more of that to you. Thankfully, in your vibrational reality, where your higher being dwells, the opposite of what you loathe is being created every moment you beat the drum of what you do not want... and will be waiting for you, when you do come into alignment, and allow Spirit to flow freely. If you are feeling negative emotion, it is a signal from the soul that a clamping is in affect on your life force energy. It is a sign to you that you are not allowing what you want. Bless your struggles, contrast is good. Use it to your advantage. It helps you more clearly define what you want, then you can learn to focus on that. Very good indeed.
There is so much more I desire to share. But this is turning into more of a speech than a comment... Be well friend.