Saturday, September 19, 2015

19) Return!?

     I awoke this morning, reluctantly, and completely deviated from habit. I did not procrastinate bringing myself upright. I did not listen to the alarm chime over and over again. I did not go straight to shower and brush my teeth. Strangely I came downstairs and grabbed my laptop and came to this blog with the last post being from 2013. Why?  I truly do not wish to delve into the explanation, though marvel at one thing. This is much more reflective of me about two to three years ago. It was a reflection of my previously incessantly thinking and literary mind screaming to express. I am not arguing whether one is more representative of my true self or which is correct or incorrect but more as to the nature of one moment I am this and the next moment I am most oppositely that. Now this could be but a hiccup; a spark of the match within my head here. Time will tell as it does with everything though I welcome this for now. I welcome it simply as rather strange and yet entirely familiar and exciting.


Don Rosburg said...

Of course I love ya nIgga. That never change,

Don Rosburg said...

Chicago, heading to europe family dead

Jonny Randomly said...

Yeah. I do not recall what happened. I miss ya, good buddy.