Saturday, April 14, 2012

1) Truth and Polarity


     Take what you know and unwind the sensibility which leaves you stuttering and unassertive in deciding conclusion. Take what leaves you blank and disconnected from surrounding conformity and reverse the pull. Attempt utilization of oppressive and negative forces by mentally and therefore wholly counteracting with acknowledgement of a universal polarizing effect making that which you loathe and reject being simply opposingly contrary to that which you love and desire in common understanding, not essence, not actuality. Each are an extremity of the other. One is not obtainable or existent without the other. Focus upon sliding the bar from the pull of one to the other. Hate to love. Sorrow to gladness. Frustration to calm. Know that certain instances are unapproachable or contain any reasonable consistency allowing altering. Focus upon that which remains true to you. The individual truths which you hold so dear and can construct upon throughout the tapestry adorning the walls that keep you within and the others without. This is your unique unveiled sanctity. This is your definitive home. This is your mind attempting control. Let it be yours. Let it be yours.

Find and learn if you so desire

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Anonymous said...

Hermetic, eh? Nice.