Sunday, April 15, 2012

2) Possession and Value

     What is yours exactly? Everything? Nothing? Can it also be mine? Ours? And is what you value truly valuable? Does it retain its value when not in consideration by yourself? Is that then true value? I marvel at the notion of possession and the value placed upon that which in essence should not or does not contain value. Why is there value on a cigarette or a television program? What is that value anyhow? Is it a dollar, an hour of my time or a banana? Who creates this value? Why should I even give their value of it any time whatsoever? I agree with the relative nature of the term 'valuable' though why in the world is gold valuable? Is it because it is rare? Hardly. Bubonic plague is rare and I'm not shelling out 1500 bucks for an ounce of that. Or is it valuable because someone has said it is valuable and thus created a drive, a greed towards gold’s possession. Value and possession are truly relative though I believe something is valuable not if I desire it but if someone else does. I want things that I like though that in no way makes them valuable. If someone else wants something it is valuable then I am able to obtain it and drive any price for it that I desire. Therein lies hypocrisy, I know. Someone else says gold is valuable and I agree because you say so but gold is just what it is, a soft shiny metal. It is as valuable as you find it to be. It also is just as valuable as I find it to be.

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Don Rosburg said...

Bravo my friend Bravo. Again Par excellence.