Thursday, April 19, 2012

3) To blog

     Oh, what it is to blog. I have been shoved in the back and subsequently tripped into a time machine which takes me to the past.  A past enveloped with a Neanderthal attribution to pseudo communication utilizing such seemingly benign terms as blog, text, tweet, Facebook status update and of course the author killer, the dreaded e-book. What a progression retarding path humanity has chosen to waddle down. I choose waddle down for on top of the skills lost in such introverted behavior, these "technological advances" are aiding in our becoming globally and alarmingly obese. We have gone from possessing incredibly small, manageable and personal bubbles to these grotesquely bloated global bubble baths infected with billions of sweaty bodies clogging up the warm end of the tub.
     What is the drive here, the preoccupation with such isolating behavior? The weak have now found their voice and it emanates directly from the liquid crystal displays at their fingertips. Where the strong speak or write expression, the contrary now tweet, blog or text their viewpoints. Hypocrisy abound is noted though as in most cases acknowledgement negates assimilation. Does acknowledgement however rise you above the rabble or stifle you far below it? Is it better to be cognizant of the evils and entertain their acquaintance or remain ignorant of them?

A GREAT WAY TO PUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Don Rosburg said...

How well you articulated a sentiment that I share. I would indeed be a very stupid man if I were to close my mind to the life enhancements of modern technology. I agree however, when we become lazy and weak, when we text an emotion, or tweet a life event, break a relationship with a e-mail. we become cowards. Treasure is a well written tale,a beautiful drawing,an afternoon spent with a good friend in converstion.