Monday, June 25, 2012

7) Lonesome George

     I am saddened by the loss of this creature. He exemplified for me an innocence and understanding nearly forgotten by man's increasingly blind progression. Stop and realize those minute details that when combined create this complicated and enormous universe around us. Tis a marvel how large we at times consider ourselves and yet how small we in actuality are. Man is certainly unique in their embodiment of that potential. To be completely bi-polar and unknowingly so. To nurture. To destroy. Humble. Arrogant.

     I read and watched so much about George throughout my entire life. He was beautifully simplistic. He only lived in the moment as was his design. He was the last known Pinta Island Giant Tortoise for at least 36 years. I have sat quietly and pondered this reality. What exactly would that be like? Not just living alone or being alone but understanding you are the only one left? You are the last. That to me is a remarkable notion to contemplate upon even if briefly. Thanks for the reflection Jorge. 6-24-2012

Wiki George


Don Rosburg said...

very well said. i share the same sentiment.

Anonymous said...

I have pondered the same thought. If i were to be the last one left of my kind, who i live the rest of it out as sad and alone? or would i be the one to just live it? As much as it would significantly make a change to my living, i would hope his last moments were touched and happy. Being the last, he is strong and great. RIP Jorge. he is a missed species and a massive loss to our history.