Wednesday, June 20, 2012

6) Laptop?

     What is the preoccupation with referring to a laptop computer as a laptop? I never put mine on my lap, it'll overheat or radiate my legs though I suppose if I have any tumors there it could save my life. I do however put many things upon my lap and yet they are not attributed as laptop anything. What about the pants on my lap? My dinner plate? The PS3 remote? My girlfriend? A blanket? A book? Spilled soda? A kayak? Cabbage? Crash Bandicoot?

     I'm referring to everything that touches my lap from now on as a laptop and a laptop computer as a mobile digital computation writing and useless media processing device.

     There conformity!!!

     Show off that black eye. Do it proud though, oh indignant you.


Heart Of Sand said...

Hands on my lap. Hands=Laptop

Don Rosburg said...

hahahahaha soo true.

Heart Of Sand said...

My friend Heather made a good observation. That lap belts and lap dogs are at least attributed with their proper connective descriptions. Lap top is just that, the top of your lap.