Wednesday, June 27, 2012

8) Potential

    I understand the relativity of the term, the subjective definition being one's own and only that. Everyone varies in their ability to achieve and accel and progress into greatness. Each understanding and definition of greatness is unique to the particular individual doing the defining. But more importantly, when does one decide or have for them decided that now is the time to do "it"? To stride forward and upward to reside where you, by intelligence, determination and acceptance belong. And do so happily nonetheless.

     Do your parents or family decide for you as when you are young? Or do you struggle for a decade and then stand up and revolt against the inactivity and stagnation? Does it even matter? And where is your sanctity? Where is your blissful retreat? Is it inclusive of another? That perfect partner? An animal? A homestead? The dream occupation? Or is this all in your head? Is your willpower and mental assertation enough to conquer your failure to fulfill your destiny?

      Part of me is certain that the mind carries along with it the power to overcome all forces. To warp and alter any scenario to make sense. To be acceptable. To be loved. To hate. To get up and fight. Or to watch idly by.

     I believe firmly you will do when doing is needed and that you will mayhaps do or do not and that neither in actuality matter. I also believe the greatest time for action is now. Why wait? The value of the moment is monumental.

     Hypocritical? Perhaps. Yet both are realistic realities and cannot and should not be ignored as possible futuristic outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

your thought is highly reasonable. for i myself have experienced the same thought. as for the parents, i finally chose for me, what i thought would make me happy and not what i thought would bring them complete satisfaction. for one is bound to see that only they can be happy making the choice for themselves and not for others. Each individual is their own and their decisions on themselves is what truly matters.