Thursday, June 14, 2012

5) The Pit

     What is the correct choice?

     Many a time we cannot foresee the results of our actions and yet we step forward blindly hoping to step over and not into the pit before us. Throughout our lives the quintessential crossroads ever arise taking the shape and size correspondent to the severity or particular importance of the situation. Always a pit, always a choice. Nobody desires to tumble into and fall into the void before them and yet sometimes it appears unavoidable and other times it can even be the more appropriate decision. The repetition of arrival before it could therefore conclude that the pit offers some appeal. Why is that? What is the preoccupation with constantly tempting the fall? Which is more fruitful? Acknowledgement that you are easily seduced by the drugging lure of the outstretched arm of the void? Or that you are completely ignorant to any such thing and fall in completely unbeknownst?    

     To step around or to step in.

     There is a hard to uncover understanding that the foreseen pit can in actuality become a sanctifying net. Though still tantalizing and intoxicating the outstretched arm can be unveiled as nurturing and kind. It need not be the original ghastly lure but may unfold as wondrous and wispy, ethereal and graceful by just giving it an unbiased viewing

     Clarity is crucial.

     Perception is paramount.

     Decisions are never final though that of course depends upon the depth of the pit. The pit represents your crossroad or quandary and what at first may appear as where not to venture can with time and thought be the only logical conclusion. This still makes the pit a roller coaster. A gamble. But don’t those gambles sometimes reap the most profound fruits? I can with the utmost sincerity declare..........yes.


Heart Of Sand said...

Then again it could just be a pit.

Anonymous said...

A pit is the gamble to any significant decision. whether is is bound to have good ripe fruit or just rotten fruit is what makes it a challenge. I have made similar leaps, and have turned to rotten or fruitful. I once made a decision in a mount of minutes and it turned out to be marvelous and then turned rotten. i have debated before and made a decision and it turn rotten from that moment on. In all, everything you will choose, is a gamble. and even when you think you are for certain, you are still gambling...

Jon-Michael Crochetiere said...

I guess therein lies the truth to the phrase, the only thing certain about life is uncertainty.