Monday, July 16, 2012

12) U.S. Debt

     The United States and it's debt somewhat perplexes me. Here are some things to ponder.

     If the U.S. dollar is low and it's people struggling, print more. That will lower the value? Who would know anyhow?

     Well then take a bunch back? Then theoretically the dollar would rise. Then there will not be enough to go around? Okay, anti-liberally speaking then maybe people will fight for the right to possess what they possess. Value their values. Consider not everyone equal but consider everyone equally able to obtain that which they desire due to hard work and perseverance.

     Regardless it is a primarily paper driven monetary system and lets think about that for a minute. Paper!!!!! Why not absolve the use of money and have everyone have what they want all around? A barter system. Too liberal?  Too basic and practical?

     I feel that if we think of the U.S. economy as a household budget it would work better. Lets cut what does not primarily matter and whittle down our debt. Yes there are disputes about what is pertinent and that which is not but why not vote on government expenditure. QUIT GROWING THE DEBT AND BORROWING!! These countries from which we borrow can set themselves up to nearly own America if things do not change.

     What do you think?