Monday, July 16, 2012

13) The Wall Of Will

     How easily are you able to mentally block out negative external interruption?

     All of it. All reasoning and understanding. All truth, the obvious and that less so. All emotion. How strong is your will? Your mind? Your mind is the most powerful and formidable force in the universe. It is capable of any single thing. The mind through willful determination can alter anything so that it appears as you desire or need.

     Some struggle with their great understanding and execution of this power. They fight it for the ease by which they can negate anything with just a thought. It is a power struggle and it need be always in check though it must remain active or you risk being completely overwhelmed by internal emotion and turmoil that can be your very existence. Perhaps a darkness is held at bay. 

     The universe is mental. Think the movie 'The Matrix' as an example. "What is real?" If your mind deems it so, it is so. No matter what anyone else says. If you desire a great day, make it so.

     Try this::::    When having a bad day or finding yourself dwelling within negative emotion consider yourself as having a dial upon your back. Turn this dial in the opposing direction. The desired direction. Turn the hate to love. The anger to joy. The sadness to smiles. Will it through your mind as working and it shall.

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Don Rosburg said...

It is utter truth. It baffles me that people cannot control their emotions, addictions, and self control. The brain , just like any other part of the body needs nutrition and exercise.