Monday, July 30, 2012

15) Your Own Worst Enemy

     Have you ever heard or had voiced towards you the idiom, "You are your own worst enemy?" At a much younger age I scoffed and disregarded such presumed nonsense yet being older I now ascertain that perhaps there is in actuality something there.

     Every individual truly is themselves the only enemy they shall ever experience throughout life. If someone else is what you would consider an enemy then it is simply you who are allowing them to become such. Either physically, mentally, emotionally or otherwise, you alone are allowing them to enact their negative will and influence upon you. They do not pierce and defeat you. You defeat yourself by allowing them in.

     It is easy to become overpowered and unknowingly act or react in these situations. How many times have you said, "Why did I say that?" or, "Why did I do that?" or, "I knew better than that!" These acknowledgements are all too common and are perfect examples of battling oneself.

     These occurrences are some of the most painful to address also. It is incredibly difficult to admit self-erroneous ways and to understand that you could have and should have come to a more appropriate conclusion. Two ways to increase your percentage of success are;

1) Slow down and think before you speak or act. Your brain is quick. Make sure you are keeping up and doing so logically.

2) Control your emotions. Most of them shall only work against any worthwhile deductions. Whether it be anger, happiness, fear, sorrow, love, hate, jealousy or any of the others, make sure you remain level when formulating your conclusions. Do so especially while speaking. Words spoken are never able to be rescinded.

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