Tuesday, July 17, 2012

14) Crazy Things Oregonians Do

1) Compost their entire front yard
2) Pay double for anything that includes the words "eco" or "organic"
3) Planking
4) Put a bird on something and call it art
5) Tattoo their states name on themselves
6) Two words, gluten free
7) Leave moss growing on their roof because it is a living thing
8) Support Obama
9) Big guys and toe shoes
10) Wear bike helmets into stores
11) Socks tucked into pant legs
12) VW bugs are in and way overpriced


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Don Rosburg said...


Jon-Michael Crochetiere said...

Oh and another one just leapt up and bit me in the face. A woman bothering to shave her legs but not her toes. Sheesh.