Saturday, November 14, 2015

21) Social Media And The Distortion Of Importance

     So today I did as was customary for myself in the early period of the morning and checked the news upon my "dumb" device. Two things came up first in the breaking news section. Breaking news. The first was the terror attacks in Paris that have just occurred. Horrible and disgraceful as they are I could not pull away from the second headliner. It was a picture of a woman with a spaghetti strainer upon her head on her DMV issued driver's license. Now I came to argue within myself whether I was captivated by this imbecile, you have to see the picture and the notion of it alone is absurd, or if it was the fact that this state agency in control of nationwide identification allowed this nonsense to occur. All the while there are now 128 people dead, several more injured, a nation in lockdown and crisis and here I am still devoting energy to this woman and her head wear. Now this does present humor. Certainly. However, there is within me this sadness that this kind of absolute idiocy preys upon so many people and do they realize the control? Do they see how foolish they are? How insensitive the author of that headline is? How the person with the shiny metal pasta strainer on their head is a complete buffoon? And now that I, a self-proclaimed intelligent contributor is wasting time blogging this? Ah, the hypocrisy and you know, I end this now. My thoughts are on the families and the fallen. Well, I shall aim that way anyhow. 

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